Unseen New Evidence

Pope Francis and the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires

By Ron Tesoriero and Lee Han

This book tells of a scientific investigation that Pope Francis in 1999 (then Archbishop Bergoglio of Buenos Aires) asked for on a very strange phenomenon.  A communion host had spontaneously transformed.


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What Happened?

What Happened?

The substance was found to contain evidence of flesh and blood. The flesh was heart muscle. The heart had suffered traumatic injury about 3 days before. The heart could only have come from a living person.

The sample had been kept in water for three years prior to the testing. The cardiac tissue and white blood cells, contrary to scientific principles, had remained vital and without degeneration.

Also contrary to expectation, DNA testing failed to give a genetic profile of the “person” whose heart it was.


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Dr Frederick Zugibe
Dr. Frederick Zugibe
Dr Robert Lawrence
Dr. Robert Lawrence

This case is a well-documented instance of life having come into existence from non living matter.The authors present three other cases that have been scientifically examined. They can make the same claim.

Science confirms them. No evolutionary process can account for them. The cases are recent. They involve different countries, different times, different witnesses, different scientists, different laboratories and different universities. The results are far more significant than anyone could have anticipated.
The evidence which unfolds from these cases will, for the first time, propose scientifically examining some of the mysteries that have faced mankind for the past two thousand years, mysteries which, until now, have remained confined to the realm of faith alone. The implications will be immense. Darwin’s Theory of the Evolution of Man will be overturned. And that is just for starters.

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